Sauber unveils the Alfa Romeo backed C37

Written by Grant Rivers (@SnowAndBeach)

Sauber have released the first images of its red, white and black clad challenger for 2018. The C37 is the Swedish teams first car with new title-sponsor Alfa Romeo, a partnership that Sauber hope will take the team away from the back of the grid.

Sauber were originally set to change engine supplier from Ferrari to Honda for the 2018 season, however the arrival of Frédéric Vasseur, Managing Director & CEO of Sauber, in the summer of 2017 saw that deal cancelled within hours.

Instead Vasseur strengthened the team’s underlying ties with Ferrari, resulting in a new title sponsorship deal with Alfa Romeo; a deal that will see Sauber race latest-spec Ferrari engines in 2018.

Frederic Vasseur has warned against expecting too much progress from the team based on its upgraded Ferrari power unit, saying that ‘there are other weaknesses that need addressing’.

“Our target ahead of 2018 is clear: We have to catch up with the field and continue improving our performance during the course of the season,” stated Team Principal Frédéric Vasseur.

Technical Director Jorg Zander is hopeful about the new, heavily redesigned car which debuted an aggressive aero package featuring double inlet sidepods, two front nostrils and more complex winglets.

“The philosophy is much different to that of the C36. The aerodynamic concept has changed significantly, and the C37 has several new features in comparison to its predecessor. We are positive that the new concept offers us more opportunities and will help us to make improvements during the course of the season” – Jorg Zander

Sauber hope that the technical partnership with Alfa Romeo and the addition of Ferrari protege and F2 champion, Charles Leclerc, will see the team fighting the mid-field in the upcoming season.

DWeWdpEXkAEG-TI.jpg large
Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 C37 – courtesy of @SauberF1Team Twitter

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