F1 2018 car launches: Williams FW41

Williams are the second team to reveal its 2018 challenger after a launch event in London on Thursday night.

The car is first to be designed under the full influence of Chief Technical Officer Paddy Lowe and new Head of Aerodynamics Dirk de Beer, since their acquisitions from Mercedes and Ferrari respectively in early 2017.


Despite having the youngest driver line-up for 2018, Williams are confident that they have progressed forward, putting the lack-luster performance of 2017 behind them. Paddy Lowe reassured critics saying,

“The car has many new features, most of which are not all that obvious, but externally the team has pursued a very different aerodynamic concept which has allowed us some significant progress in aerodynamic performance.”

The FW41 will once again be powered by the Mercedes engine, Williams hope that this, combined with the aerodynamic expertise of de Beer and Lowe, will be enough to take the ‘major step’ to challenge the top contenders. Lowe explained,

“All Formula 1 cars are an evolution of what has gone before to some extent, but the FW41 does involve a number of departures from the directions that have been pursued in the past.

Lowe is confident non-the-less, saying that data from the factory suggested encouraging progress with the car and that the team had ‘hit its targets’.

Williams FW41 – courtesy of @Williamsracing Twitter

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