A look ahead to the Mexican Grand Prix

This weekend sees the Formula 1 circus return to Mexico for the first time since the 1992. Twenty-three years ago Nigel Mansell dominated the weekend, taking pole position and then the race victory. Lewis Hamilton, the freshly crowned three time World Champion, shall be looking to follow in his fellow countryman’s footsteps this coming weekend.

Sergio Perez, 25, comes into his first ever home grand prix this weekend. As a result, he shall have increased pressure and expectations on his shoulders to deliver a good result for the thousands of home fans. One thing that is in his favour is his current form. In the last six races he has clocked up a total of five top seven finishes, including one podium. What Force India and Perez would give to secure his second podium of the season this weekend!

In preparation for Formula 1’s return, the 4.304km Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit has been completely revamped. Perhaps the most distinctive part of the lap is the ‘stadium complex’, once home to the famous Peraltada Corner, now sees cars come through a series of twists and turns surrounded by spectator grand stands. Come race day this will be one of the prime viewing areas as it is situated at the end of the second DRS straight and should see the cars entering the arena side-by-side.

Although the title race may be over, this year’s Formula 1 season is anything but. Going into this weekend there are a number of questions that still need answering. For example, can Mercedes stop the tension between the drivers from boiling over? How big of a step has the latest specifications of the Ferrari and Honda PUs given them? What affect will the high altitude have on performance? Will a new circuit give us a slight shake up in the order?

With a bit of unstable weather thrown into the mix, it looks like this weekend could live up to, or even surpass, the action packed USA GP from last weekend!

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